Home theatre system with two speakers and a large TV showing the post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max Home theatre system with two speakers
			and a large TV showing the post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max

Our Process

At Think Cinema we believe that every job deserves the highest quality service and attention to detail. No matter how big or small your project is we want to deliver the best overall experience to our customers.

This starts with your project manager. They are responsible for taking you through each phase of the project and will be your point of contact until completion. Each phase organizes your project every step of the way so that nothing is missed. This maintains high quality standards thought the process and ensures you get the best results. Below are our 5 phases of project management.

Two people sitting at a table, and using hand gestures implying they are having a discussion and sharing opinions.

Phase 1

Gathering &

  • In-home consultation

  • Identify the client’s needs

  • Education and

The blueprint of a home theatre with 6 cinema-type seats facing a TV.

Phase 2

System Design

  • Custom solution creation

  • Design tailored to the
    client’s budget, vision and taste

  • Provide personalized quote
    and project overview

The front view of a TV showing the movie Mad Max. There are 3 large speakers surrounding the TV.

Phase 3


  • Product acquisition at
    lowest market price

  • Order placement

  • Product delivery

A man drilling a plastic base into the ceiling.

Phase 4


  • Installation and
    system integration

  • Programming

  • Audio / Video optimization

  • Operation testing

A family with a mom, dad, and two young children sitting on the sofa together and changing the TV channel with a remote.

Phase 5


  • Client walk-through

  • Educate client how to use
    the system

  • Professional calibration by ISF
    and THX certified calibrators

  • Ongoing system support

  • One year warranty on
    installation and programming